Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Google to 12 years
Today, 27 September 2010, Google celebrates 12th birthday. Although the exact date has always been a mystery, but Google has always celebrated every September 27.

Though not too fancy, Google is marking its anniversary on the entire Internet users worldwide with the logo along with a birthday cake candles on the front page of, both global and local websites.

However, interesting note, a birthday cake that was on the front page of Google was painted by artists from the United States, Wayne Thiebaud, 89-year-old man, quite famous as a painter cakes, pastries, boots, toilet, and lipstick.

Despite his great works had circulated in the era of the 50's and 60's, Thiebaud is still active to this day. He always dikatikan with pop art movement since the style of painting and interest in the cultural offensive.

Anniversary of Google to this day is still a debate. Internet giants from California was always celebrated his birthday on 7 September and 27 September each year. Strange, but that's what happened for 12 years at least until 2010.

If we trace what happened 12 years ago, on 4 September, Google is turning to Google Incorporated. It could be that, on September 7, a day so that the official Google for the few.

On September 15, 1998, domain registration. Several years later, September 27, has always regarded as the anniversary of Google's official and apparently will continue to do so.

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