Saturday, September 24, 2011

Katty Perry Celebrity Luxurious Homes

At age 17, she began working with hitmaker Glen Ballard, who had produced and co-written Alanis Morissette's chart-topping Jagged Little Pill in 1995. Several years later, she teamed up with the Matrix, a Grammy-nominated production/songwriting team whose résumé included collaborations with Avril Lavigne, Shakira, and Korn. Tired of producing music for other artists, the Matrix had plans to record an album of their own, with Perry serving as one of the group's two singers. The project was ultimately shelved, but not before Perry appeared in a 2004 write-up by Blender magazine, who hailed her as "the Next Big Thing!"

Pop singer Katy Perry and her husband Russell Brand have sold their Los Feliz home for $3.3 million just weeks after splashing out double that on a new Los Angeles home. The interior of the house is awesome take a look at the pictures below.

This four-story 1922-built home boasts a modern kitchen, a Roman-inspired outdoor pool, den, lounge, powder room and a master bedroom with high ceilings and views of the city. Perry put some of her own touches on the house, like the vintage pink refrigerator. She also turned the three-car garage into a costume closet, filled will sparkly stage outfits and purple wigs.

located in the prestigious Los Feliz area of Los Angeles is extremely impressive, featuring several amenities.There is a double vanity unit, a spa tub, walk-in showers, breakfast bar, hardwood floors, a balcony, downstairs reception area, and tall arch windows. The home measures 4,706-square feet, and has recently been renovated. Luxe amenities include marble surfaces, rolling lawns, French doors, fireplaces, and a breakfast bar.

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