Monday, November 21, 2011

5 World's Smallest Houses

Small size of the house is identical to the discomfort, stuffy and cramped. But with a unique design and detail, the following five houses, though small, is very interesting to live.

Look ten smallest house in the world following, as quoted from You must be curious to stay in it.

1. House tumbleweed
Since 1997, Jay Shafer of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company's firm has been living in a house smaller than most closets. Although small, this house has a comfortable cabin design. Somehow, but all you need is in it. Such as, bedroom, bathroom (with toilet and shower) and living room. Some designs also have a terrace so that homeowners can sit and enjoy the open space.

2. Micro Compact

This house measures just 2.6 meters. Micro Compact Homes managed to enter the room for two double beds, bathroom, lobby, dining room for 4-5 people, including entertainment technology. It's enough to make you want to stay in it.

3. Toronto Small Houses
Rumah Kecil Toronto
The little house is tucked between a normal-sized neighbor's house. The house is probably the smallest house in Toronto, Canada, because it has a width of 2.2 meters and a length of about 30 meters. Mini home has a living room, kitchen and bedroom this much demand. One of them, Ellen DeGeneres celebrities who expressed a desire to buy this house.

4. Houses Rollit

Students from the University of Karlsruhe in Germany to design a modular house design chic. Built to combine several functions in one small room home. Functioned like a hamster home while playing on wheels. Homeowners can change the structure of the house by walking in the middle to play it. Only with a little practice, the room can be changed to bring a bed, chair, table easily, bathroom, toilet or kitchen sink and all in the same room.

5. Environmentally friendly bicycle trailer
Trailer Sepeda Ramah Lingkungan
Paul Elkins, the man from America, originally designed the trailer bike to get around at Burning Man Festival. However, he should feel comfortable staying here. This trailer uses environmentally friendly technologies ranging from the use of solar panels for cooking and providing hot water and small wind turbines to meet demand for electricity.

Although small, it is available in a bed, a place to cook, small desk and others who make this man can live fairly normal. For business small and large bowel, Paul provides just such a special container and the other bucket.

Uniquely, at the head of the bed is made of a transparent window with half-spherical shape so that Paul could see the beautiful stars at night.

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