Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Childhood homes Arnold Schwarzenegger cite this as a Museum 
The former Mr. Universe who became a Hollywood star and governor of California on Saturday (30 / 7) of this reached the age of 64 years.Inside the museum there is a bed of childhood, the motor of the Terminator films, a few bells, and the table used imitation as governor of California. Schwarzenegger left the village of Thal near Graz in 1966 but meresetui this project."He was interested in seeing everything associated with the film. He's always come back when he was in Austria. He's always been to Thal," said Helga Forstner of the museum.Arnold Schwarzenegger recently made ​​headlines after a storm in his personal life. But Austria is now giving special honor his birthday, says the BBC's Bethany Bell who had visited the house in Thal.

According to the BBC, Arnold is very simple family life in which the first floor of his house was not connected to electricity or water pipes.The museum displays an obsession to exercise a bodybuilder Arnold and describes its success into Hollwood star.According to German news agency DPA, in which there are a few photos for 25 years his wife Maria Shriver, but not touching the matter of his divorce. Arnold recently recognize a child of the household servants.Helga Forstner said, was critical of Austrians who admire Arnie, first name Arnold."People like him because he used to kid the farmer and his career was so amazing. I think the Austrians were proud of him as an Austrian citizen," said Forstner told the BBC.

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