Monday, November 21, 2011

Healthy Bathroom

The bathroom is an important part in the design of a dwelling. Not only accommodate self-cleaning activity, a bathroom is also a private zone for the occupants of the house to indulge and express themselves.
In the arrangement of space (zoning) that follow the traditional pattern, the bathroom is always placed in the area behind the house, often separate from the main house. Its function is thought to be related to the dirty, so unworthy placed inside the house.
But the current placement of the bathroom is to follow the pattern of western-style arrangement that is inside or front of the house. The pattern of arrangement is considered to be more fitting with the modern lifestyle serbapraktis.
In countries with humid air Events such as Indonesia, making the bathroom, especially in the bathroom, need to plan more mature. What should be considered for designing a healthy bathroom?
• SizeAdjust the size of the bathroom area and space requirements. If you want to put down the sink, cabinet, let alone bathtub, you should have enough land. If the area is limited bathroom should not be forced to enter all the elements, because the bathroom will feel tight and uncomfortable.
• Wet or dryIndonesia-style shower make the bathroom one more wet chosen. The bathroom is still using the water tank, but some are already using the shower. If you prefer dry bath, where the shower had to be separated and given a partition such as glass or plastic curtain so the floor stays dry.
• MaterialsSelection of materials is important for safety and comfort while bathing. For flooring, choose materials that are not smooth and easily cleaned of residual soap or moss.
• ColorColor is a personal choice of homeowners, but for the sake of convenience, choose bright colors and bright. Do not use dark colors, because it will make the bathroom feel more cramped, stuffy, and too many mosquitoes.
• Natural lightingThe bathroom is especially the wet nest of germs. Therefore, the bathroom must have adequate lighting, especially natural lighting. If all the bathroom walls are not in direct contact with the area outside the room, make a few openings for natural light to enter. For example, by making transparent the translucent roof of the sun.
• Air circulationOne of the things that are important to make healthy bathroom is well ventilated. Circulation is important agarudara in the bathroom is still fresh and not stale. Make vents in the wall, above the door, or openings into the ceiling. You can also install an exhaust fan so that the velocity of the air more smoothly.

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