Thursday, November 10, 2011

How to create a good foundation Houses
Make a reinforced concrete foundation by 20 cm x 20 cm x 25 m. Concrete mixture shall be in accordance with the calculation of the power pole to support the load thereon. Because the wooden pole used in the form of antique wood, the design base with designs created with the old model and added the finishing elements of nature, namely leaf motif. Manufacture by means attaching Rempelas leaves (leaves that long ago used as a tool to sand the wood surface to be more subtle). This leaf is used because it has a strong fiber, but is flexible. Attaching the leaves do when finishing the cement is still wet. In wet conditions, this leaf can be attached to the cement mixture so that the fibers can leave mold leaf texture look natural. Finishing with wet cement is done by hand by our tanga, so the shape is not very precise, it is meant to suggest a natural and rustic impression can be formed and in accordance with its antique wooden pole. After finishing the cement dries, we can remove the leaves agarcetakan leaf fibers can be seen clearly. then sandpaper the parts that are too rough, so the surface of the base with non-finish was not impressed.
For final finishing, Umpak is painted with white paint exterior walls with a mixture of dim, issoproof and white cement. Carried out in stages to painting, so that leaves the fiber mold not covered by the paint and white cement. When it is dry, we can make the effect of moss on the pores of the fiber mold by rubbing the leaves of banana leaves on the entire surface of the base with and we leave it for about 2 weeks, it will appear green moss on the base with it. This moss will not damage the foundation extolled, because the mixture of reinforced concrete, we use a mixture of water-resistant paint and the finishing we use to cement and paint isoproof not directly contaminated by the growing moss. With this, the desired ethnic designs on the pillars of our home field can be realized.

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