Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Luxury Homes World Celebrities

Luxury Homes World Celebrities - Seeing the World Celebrity Luxury Homes - The home is my palace. Popular phrase that seems to inspire the celebrity world in building its resting place.

With abundant wealth it has, a number of celebrities build a 'palace' of their dreams. Here's mansion owned by the celebrity world:

See where the famous live, internal details of their mansions and pay a fortune for them:-
Lady Gaga rents a house in a gated community of Bel Air, Los Angeles for $ 45,000.00 / month

Cameron Diaz bought a mansion valued at USD 19 million in Los Angeles
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie paid $ 3 million for the home district of Los Feliz, Los Angeles
Jim Carrey's mansion is valued at $ 35 million and is located in Brentwood, Los Angeles
Celine Dion live in a mansion valued at USD 35 million. The mansion is in the town of Jupiter Island, Fla.
Leonardo Dicaprio mara in a mansion in Malibu, Los Angeles, valued at USD 11.5 million
 The Madonna House is valued at $ 20,000,000.00
The House of Tom Cruise worth $ 35,000,000.00
To reach the house of actress Jennifer Aniston in Los Angeles you have to cross a bridge over a koi pond
Oprah Winfrey lives in Santa Barbara, California. The mansion is worth USD 97 million
Donald Trump mansion facing the sea in Palm Beach, Florida
Will Smith lives in a mansion in the city of Calabasas, near Los Angeles, valued at USD 35 million