Monday, November 21, 2011

Sit Right Lamp For Comfortable Living Room

The living room you Ceramic simple design can by placing a floor lamp with a unique shape. But if you've seen a lot of living room decor, just choose a simple design table lamp.

In addition to the model, layout and lighting should also be appropriate. Do not make the distance between you and your guest or obstruct the view. Before buying a table lamp, consider the following five things.

1. high
Most of the lights in the living room sitting height between 26-34 inches tall. To get the right height, sit on the couch or chair beside him. The bottom of the shadow must not fall higher than eye level, because it would disrupt the view.

2. basic
Despite the small size of the candle light, you should make sure basically have to be strong. Do not be balanced between the top and bottom.

3. material
The room should have a light source every three feet or more. If the lights are on the table between the sofas and chairs, consider a hood made ​​of thin or transparent. Line so it looks warm and free flowing conversation.

4. shadow
Soft transparent colors will give the impression of warmth. Put the lamp with a soft color televisions to minimize glare. In general, rounded lamp forms will lead to a more modern image. Meanwhile, a cone-shaped shadow will make a more classic. The shadow of the lamp should not be longer than the table.

5. style
The living room is the perfect place to display a variety of decorations. So, try to design lamps interconnected degan other decorations. This will make the room more stylish and beautiful.

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