Monday, November 21, 2011

Unique Creative Tile Tattoos

tato ubik

Dwellings in urban areas, such as apartments and housing vintage minimalist, often making it difficult to express their owners. Floors and walls are often presenting pale colors which tend to be boring and dull.

To create a new atmosphere, no hurry to dismantle and replace it with new tiles. You can get around the appearance of tile or wall with a touch of old tattoos that tend to offer vibrant colors.

Applications can create the appearance of tattoos tile bathroom or kitchen more nuanced picture fresh with retro, funky, flowers, or a modern spiral design. Tattoos tiles have a variety of designs suitable for black and white and colored tiles.

Apply these stickers unique tile is quite easy. Soak decal in water a few moments before stick it on the floor or wall tiles. If you get bored and want to replace it, live off the sticker and will not leave a trail. For those who like to experiment, to apply some style tiles at once.

Besides beautify the walls and floors, tile tattoos can be affixed to the equipment of stainless such as a closet or bathroom door. Tile tattoo designs being developed and is not likely to replace the wallpaper in the future.

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