Monday, November 21, 2011

World's Smallest Apartment

narrow, he put up a bed that is only 0.5 meters from the ceiling.
If you think a rented house or apartment you are narrow and can not load all your stuff, let's look at the experience of Felice Cohen in the United States. This woman was able to arrange all the furniture in the apartment area of ​​8.4 square meters.
Felice did not have a kitchen and bedroom in the apartment. He put up a hammock which is only two feet from the ceiling. The bathroom was so small that he had to sit sideways.
While not having the kitchen, Felice could still put the oven and small refrigerator to store food. "While the bathroom is actually quite large. You just have to be careful. If not, you will hit the toilet. Sometimes, you also have to sit sideways, "he said.
Overcome the narrowness of the room, the woman who works as a professional event organizer is to outsmart the living room by placing a small sofa for one person, in the corner near the window.
With such a narrow area, he could have almost all functions of the residence. Start a bed, a place to receive guests, showers, a place to store clothing, a place to store food, as well as various other needs.
Although narrow, 40-year-old woman was admitted at home. He occupies a dwelling that since three years ago. "Many friends prefer to visit me here," he said.
Felice renting the apartment for U.S. $ 700 per month or about Rp 6 million. Prices are very cheap for apartments in the area of ​​New York's Upper West Side. In this area, apartment rental prices range from U.S. $ 3,000, or about Rp25, 9 million.
Felice found it from a friend. Having agreed on the price of rent, he took all the furniture from the previous tenant. He then set up a table and a shelf on one side, a dresser on the other. On top of this dresser, he put a bed for one person with a short ladder.
"The first night I panicked and could not sleep comfortably," he told a narrow bed, as quoted by the Daily Mail.
Felice acknowledged the choice was inspired by his father, a bankruptcy lawyer and teach it to not force something if it is not capable.
For him, living in narrow places is a challenge. "I am a professional manager, so narrow is the challenge of managing the place," he said.
Living in residential supersempit, was not only the experience of Felice. A number of people from the middle class is also able to survive in the house which includes the world's smallest category.

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  1. I wonder what it looks like that he have to sit sideways in the bathroom.