Monday, January 16, 2012

New 7 star hotel in Dubai

Apeiron Hotel is a design concept for a new 7 star hotel in Dubai. Developer and construction schedule have not been announced as of October 2007. The Apeiron Hotel would be the second 7 star hotel to be built in Dubai (The Burj Al Arab hotel was the first 7 star hotel). Designed by UK’s Sybarite Architects, the hi-tech futuristic hotel would feature a two-storeyed jungle at the top of the 28-storeyed building. The seven star hotel is an US $350 million project that would be 300m from the coast of Dubai. Access to the hotel is restricted to water and air only.
apeiron 2
HOTEL STATISTICS: total floors: 28 (above ground), total suites: 438, suite sizes: 180m² – 750m², building height: 185m, gross floor area: 300,000m², site footprint area:26,500m², passenger lifts: 14, service lifts: 8, distance off shore: 300m (Building design is equally as powerful within a landlocked site), wind load factor: 350km per hour, structure: steel, reinforced concrete.
The hotel also contains private cinemas, luxury boutiques, conference rooms and restaurants. Other features will include an art gallery, shops, underwater spa & gym, an underwater restaurant. The hotel’s internal facade has louvers to prevent direct sunlight and will made up of solar cells as is the ribbon that frames the building that can generate some energy for the entire hotel. The 28-storey hotel environs will have an artificial crescent-shaped beach, private lagoons and a central lagoon with colourful coral reefs surrounding it.

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