Thursday, November 10, 2011

world's most expensive house $ 2 billion

One more fact unique to you, the world's most expensive homes. Who owns this house? It was not a celebrity but it turns out that ordinary people from well-known entrepreneurs. Ifdirupiahkan reached 19 trillion rupiah. I wonder if the money was distributed to the poor,how many thousands of poor people who could be helped?
Ambani's House
According to the facts and figures Tycoon Indians, Ambani has the honor to have the mostexpensive house in the world, it cost an estimated $ 2 billion to own this house. Ambani isbuilding a very expensive which is estimated storey house located in one of 60 luxuryAltamount Road. Building cost about two billion U.S. dollars as Mumbai skyscraper about173 meters. The building is planned to be built with a design that is very beautiful as like amaharaja's palace. It was designed by leading designer skilled Chicago Perkins and Will.
rumah termahal di dunia
If anyone asks why the house Mukesh Ambani is so important to talk about, the answer is so easy that it is exceptional in terms of diverse facilities. The special feature buildingsmay be mentioned here is, for example, helipads, landing three roof areas, where the family lives of four floors with views over the Arabian Sea, apartment for hospitality guests,swimming pool, gymnasium, health center, gardens, balconies, floors foliage, the centerentertainment called the theater reserved for the cinema, car park, additional rooms which makes it expensive and beyond.

A number of smooth and easy lift, several warehouses, lounge added some specialfeatures in luxury homes Ambani Mumbai. Entertainment room is decorated with a digital monitor up-to-date, speakers and substance pricy. The visitors can find indoor or outdoorbar, party rooms, green room. There are several other special arrangements for the security system in which the guards and assistants are deployed all the time.
Parking and maintenance
To keep the vehicle in organized in the house, at least six more floors are reserved for theparking lot where the two are reserved for Ambani family's private purposes. In addition, acar service center in the home are also available. Floor (nine points) is called 'health' saved for physical exercise has some sports settings such as a swimming pool, athletics,health and fitness club. And to entertain guests Ambani family, decorating glass frontedtwo storey allocated and placed just above the health floors.
This is not unexpected to imagine that the Ambani home in addition to the most expensive in the world, it turns out there are about 600 staff get the opportunity to work there. So better to wait and see what will happen to house residents who are appointed by the island's richest myth 'Antilia' is not finished.

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