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The roof-making plant had ecological and functional

The roof-making plant had ecological and functional - Garden on the roof is a type of roof which has recently grown rapidly, used both for residential and commercial buildings. The goal is to be able to have a garden even though it is above the building. In planning the construction of a garden on the roof, we must first consider the safety factor of the burden to be borne by the overall structure of the concrete itself, the burden of layers of soil and garden, plants and humans. In this article I chose a book written by Heinz Frick entitled 'The roof bertanaman ecological and functional'.

Quote: additional expenses that need to be taken into account in the design phase include:
dead load which includes the weight of the box plants or other garden boundary wall. For reinforced concrete, the weight usually reaches 24 kN/m2. Weight is of course may vary depending on whether the concrete structure was wet or dry.
Live load can consist of dry weight and bash of the planting medium (soil), trees, water, and also people who use this bertanaman roof.

Live load is taken into account for the use (for flat roofs that can be used not only for the maintenance of the park) is about 1.5 kN/m2 floor plan.
Wet weight of the soil reaches about 22 kN/m3. Land on the roof of this bertanaman severity varies depending on the thickness of soil layers used. As an overview, the depth of soil layer ranged from 0.3-0.5 m for the type of garden planted with grass and shrubs, and around 1-1.5m for shade trees that are small and medium.
Wind loads should be considered carefully in the design of the roof bertanaman by entering the number corresponding to the load caused by wind pressure. Pressure loads (gust) wind is dependent on altitude, tree shape (least dense) and the type of structure which sustains the roof gardening.

Position of concentrated load on the roof of a building site caused by the trees and the additional burden of other structural extremely important to consider from the beginning so that the work watertight (waterproofing) have been prepared in advance and the roof plate having sufficient strength to be an additional burden of severe pressure due to this .
It is important for the owners, users, and the building management to pay attention kterbatasan permitted roof load by not creating a garden in any location on the roof. It is worth noting to avoid things that may endanger the safety of building structures and trees from the garden laid heavy on the roof should not be burdened.
Naturally, every tree and plant will grow and gain weight in line with its development. It should also be considered in the calculation of the structure as an additional burden that will be collected along with increasing age of the building.
The arrangement and construction aspects

Bertanaman roof is basically structured as follows:
Reinforced concrete roof slab with cement plaster finish, or
roof construction with a layer of wood or multiplex board;
waterproof coating that is resistant to plant roots;
water-resistant protective coating layer against mechanical damage;
drainage layer (drainage water);
filter layer;
layer of planting medium (soil, etc.); and
vegetation (plants / trees)
The thickness of the construction of a garden on the roof will vary depending on the crop to be grown, the design of the system, and additional functions around the park.

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