Monday, July 18, 2011

Proper structuring Create Beautiful Kitchens

Dapur cantik (Foto: Corbis)

WHO said that the kitchen should always be presented with the feel of the closed? Bring the beauty of the open concept kitchen can actually give a distinct impression on your occupancy.
  With a little setting up the layout, you can create a nice open kitchen to cook. "If the kitchen is open presented in a narrow space, the most appropriate ways to work around this is to not put a lot of great things there," said architect Denny Setiawan.
Despite its name, the kitchen, but the function of the open kitchen is typically used to clean the kitchen alone. Furniture such as a refrigerator and dining table might get you put into the wall. Especially for the dinner table, can you design with minimalist model.
"Kitchen furniture such as cabinets, dining table, stove or table can be designed with a slightly minimalist concept. And should be drafted in an open kitchen, avoid the use of many tables for every need, "advises Denny.
If you are planning on building an open kitchen, you should make the design of a multifunctional table. For example, the table must be created using the stove is not cast, but rather created a table below it can be utilized as a storage drawer cooking needs, such as cooking oil and herbs.
One more thing, do not enter the dining table into your open kitchen. This would give the effect of increasingly narrow space and limit your space when cooking. The selection of bright colors can make you more spirit in the kitchen cooking dream.
Meanwhile, a dark color selection may be able to save you from stains and kusamnya wall due to splashes of oil when cooking. But, if you use dark colors in its entirety without combined with bright colors, guaranteed you will be reluctant to get into the kitchen.
Ventilation is also required by the open kitchen. The presence of ventilation may slightly reduce the smoke from cooking and the stinging smell of spices so as not to pollute the air in another room.
"You should use this type of stove that has a neutralizing smoke. This is a solution for good air ventilation in the open kitchen, "says Denny.


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