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Tip 99 Design fences Match with minimalist, Mediterranean or Ethnic

Pagar Dengan Kayu Horisontal, Bata Press, dan Batu Alam 
Lower-middle-class housing is generally not enter the house as a complement to the house fence. As a result, the fence design must be cultivated by the owner of the house to his taste. So we used to see many houses are no longer shows a clear initial concept. The house with the same model and type, has a variety of colorful fence model that dominates the landscape. Unfortunately again, the style of fence that does not always match the type of housing, both the proportion and the s type.

The same thing happens also with the upper middle class home. Although the developers add a fence in the sales package, a fence made ​​of material generally perfunctory. So in the future, homeowners should replace the fence is more appropriate to the needs. And the results are connected to each of three money: many fences are made disproportionate and inconsistent with design.

The main consideration in making the fence is security. Because of the high fence that often reflects the psychological situation of the owner of the house, but also the objective conditions of security around it.

If the preferred level of security, people tend to ignore both the proportion and harmony between the design aspects of the fence with the house design and the environment.

There was a trend factor of safety and aesthetics in the design of the fence are the two factors are inversely proportional. The higher the safety factor of beauty and harmony are ignored factors fence.

In fact, most of us might prefer a house without a fence, aka the home garden. In addition to feel more spacious, air flow and sunlight can also be optimized.

However, this situation may only be enjoyed by a handful of people, because the cost of environmental safeguards may be much more expensive. As perceived by those who live in cluster housing complex or park.

Ideally a high front fence is about 1.5 meters or 1 / 3 of the height of the facade one-story house. If safety factors into consideration so that the fence should be higher, try it through the fence that the air and sunlight remain freely. 

To you who are looking for inspiration for design of the fence. The main factor you should consider is the aspect of harmony between the fence and looked home. The fence is unsightly is the proper proportions, semodel, in tune with the design of the house. See examples of design drawings on the side. The fence and homes designed in harmony.

That is, if your house use the fence matching Mediterranean, for example by exposing the brick arch bali accompanied with a cream color. Or if the house ethnic, maximize the utilization of natural stone and wood.

Harmony was obtained from the selection of a matching color, pattern or ornament of similar material. Do not place the fence and the house seemed to snatch the attention so that they even lose the beauty of a collision.

The main principle of the minimalist home is playing with simple geometric shapes that form vertical and horizontal lines. Although simple, vertical and horizontal games can still look beautiful and not boring. Provided you know how and daring to make exploration.

Vertical and Horizontal shades Minimalist Fence

Exploration, among others, can be done by creating a visual texture. That is the impression of thick and thin, flat smooth, arising from a pattern made. (Read a fuller explanation of the visual texture of the tip 75)

Consider the following example of a minimalist fence. Games are simple geometric shapes and harmonious with the shape and color of the house, producing a beautiful composition.Merchants or artisans fence material and generally provide a limited sample design. Consideration was simple so that they can be affordable prices and fast workmanship.Whereas many building materials available around us makes it possible to be creative.Consider the example below. The use of one type of material that is wooden planks, batapress and natural stone that is designed with simple beauty it displays itself.

In all cases, the pattern is simple, with only one type of material is exposed, color choices, along with awareness to create a rhythmic design of visual texture is the key of the fence design is captivating.


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