Sunday, August 14, 2011

Living Alongside Nature : Pirates Bay House & Pavilions

I was in complete awe when I first saw this house. For me, it embodies the perfect combination of living alongside nature and simplicity. This wonderful coastal home enjoys breathtaking views of Pirates Bay from one side and the company of a Eucalypti forest, native birds and wildlife on the other. What more can you ask for…
The house sits on a constrained and relatively steep site. A simplified plan created a ten meter suspended cantilever – a semi-transparent platform, which allows dramatic ocean vistas to be seen through the trees.
I love the shifting perception as you approach the house; although at first it seems as a dominant structure, inside you feel as if nature has taken over, allowing sound, views and moonlight to flood the entire living space.
Adjacent to the house, you will find two small pavilions, nestled into the terrain – Perfect for summer family use. Both buildings feature heavy and slender structures as well as solid and transparent planes, opening up to the breathtaking views of the bay below.
* More info at Stuart Tanner Architects

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