Monday, November 21, 2011

5 Tricks Organizing Tiny Houses

For the urban community, the house has become a place to unwind after a day of activities. Settlement houses usually also reflects the lifestyle of its inhabitants, ranging from furniture to paint color selection.
The problem is, many people who think home comfort synonymous with luxury and large sizes. However, do not be discouraged yet, a small house can be made comfortable if you know the trick to change.
Here are some tips to change a small house into a palace can make occupants feel comfortable, not just a shelter when the rain comes or when the sun stinging the earth.
1. Select a minimalist furnishings and efficientIn order not to seem narrow, you can choose a minimalist furniture that will be shown as a place to put stuff. It is necessary to avoid the accumulation of goods at an angle so small house look more crowded due to the number of goods. Large table as a place of work can be handled with folding tables attached to the wall, so that when not in use, the room will be vacant.
2. Materials simpleAvoid heavy furniture made of wood as the primary material when arranging a small house. Equipment made from wood will make the house look cramped little impressed. Plastic material with a choice of bright colors can be a solution for the room who wants to look loose.
3. Glass as a mediumYou can also use glass as a medium for 'enlarge' room. Put the glass is large enough at the corner of the room as the effect of expanding the tiny room. Another function of this glass can be used also as a mirror.
4. Save Energy with brightness adjustmentThe playhouse can also be a place to save on electric light. The use of ventilation or large windows will make sunlight into the house naturally. In daylight conditions will make the room have natural light. As evening approached, the electrical energy through the medium of the lamp stand will make the room look wider.
5. The use of whiteWhite synonymous with clean and spacious impression, so it can be used as an alternative to anticipate the room look spacious. Furniture should be selected also in line with white color on the walls. Playing a color other than white can be done if you want to give accent to a certain point, is to avoid the room seemed stiff.

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