Saturday, June 18, 2011

10 Buildings With Ceiling Design Spectacular

Allen Lambert galleria, Toronto:
is Santiago Calatrava, who is responsible behind the architectural splendor of its roof design Allan galleria.di lambert's design in 1980.
Baha’i house of Worship, Illinois:
 interior of the Baha'i house of worship in wilmet designed by alfred shaw.dari dome design has been able to reflect the grandeur of the building.

Erzurum holy mosque, eastern Anatolia:

mosque is located in northern Anatolia, Turkey originally designed in 1179.namun since in reconstruction and in the merger of architecture on the dome, the results were amazing.

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Lisbon:
João de Castilh is a Spanish architect who designed the roof of his jerónimos monastery, in the masterpice 1500 is element element gothic. 

Alcazar of Seville:
room ambassador has a phenomenal dome in Alcazar of Seville, built in 1427.

The Senedd, Cardiff:
ceiling designs that use wood, shaped like a wave a wave of the field pasir.di design by Richard Rogers, architect who was also selected to design the reconstruction of three world trade center towers

Temppeliaukio church, Helsinki:
'stone church "was completed in 1969, after the carving of rock granit.atapnya made ​​of copper and designed by the brothers suomalainen.

Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo:
stunning roof design using iron and glass in an international forum tokyo, designed by rafael vinoly in 1996.

British Museum's Great Court, London:
the british museum's Great Court opened in the year 200 and was designed by Norman foster.yang makes it amazing is covered by a glass roof as much as 6100 square meters.

Dc metro station, Washington:
architect from chicago, harry responsible design washington metro system in 1976.
uniqueness architecture lies in the wall and roof.amazing.......... 

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