Friday, July 1, 2011

World's Most Expensive Apartment

A mysterious millionaire who bought a luxury apartment consists of three floors which is located at One Hyde Park London worth 136 million euros U.S. $ 221 million, or Rp1, 98 trillion. This price is recorded as the most expensive apartment sale ever.
As reported by Forbes, the owner hides his identity by using the name of a company to purchase it. Believed, the buyers are from Ukraine and nothing but the one who entered the Forbes list of billionaires. Financial Times reported that law firms in Ukraine oversee the transaction. But the buyer's identity remains hidden, as agreed previously.
The apartments at One Hyde Park is an area of ​​25,000 meters or equal to the size of the 'Silicon Valley', the Russian billionaire's house Yuri Milner, who had just purchased at a price of 'only' U.S. $ 100 million or Rp900 billion.
The tenant is treated like hotel guests and can order room service. Apartments are equipped wine cellar and has a tight security facility, complete with bulletproof glass.
The apartments are built by brothers Nick and Christian Candy, who is known as the king of luxury real estate in London. The new owner has purchased the penthouse also recorded a variety of additional properties for decorating the apartment, totally worth 60 million euros or U.S. $ 97 million or about Rp873 billion.
Mystery shoppers from Ukraine will be joining one of the other billionaires at One Hyde Park. He will be next door to mine billionaire, Vladimir Kim, who has a fortune of U.S. $ 4.7 billion. • VIVAnews

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