Friday, September 23, 2011

AutoDesk Home Design Software – AutoDesk HomeStyler

Meanwhile, Auto HomeStyler online home design is pack with generic and branded content including appliances, fixtures, furnishings, and other building products from Dacor, DuPont, FLOR, Inc., Kohler, Merillat, Sherwin-Williams and other leading manufacturers. With these huge furniture objects and textures information, homeowners can easily explore and experiment with different brands, styles, colors and layouts before they start a home design or floorplan project, thereby increasing confidence in their decisions and ultimately their satisfaction with the end result.

Beside that, Autodesk HomeStyler makes it fun to plan and actually envision changes to your home’s design. All floor plans and home design layout can be do on web browser within in minutes. Once AutoDesk Homestyler start off, you will start with a blank drawing canvas on basic structure in 2D space. Then you can add in the interior home design object by dragging rooms, doors and furnishings; easily experiment with finishes and visualize design ideas in 3D with a single click; and easily share designs with friends, family and professionals to get their feedback. Plus more, all these furniture or home design object are resizable so everything on the drawing stays in proportion.

AutoDesk HomeStyler Screenshot:

AutoDesk HomeStyler 3D View
AutoDesk HomeStyler 2D view
Beside that, you can save AutoDesk HomeStyler home design project drawing to design gallery and invite friends to view them and give your feedback via email, facebook or other social site. Plus more, you may print the home design or floor plan drawing in either 2D or as a 3D realistic image along with exact dimensions (feet or meters) of each and every object used. Meanwhile, You can export the completed drawing in the DWG (a universal format accepted by most architectural software) or in RVT so that your architect can open home design drawing inside Revit.
So, AutoDesk HomeStyler definitely a good home design software increasing user confidence in their decisions and ultimately their satisfaction with the end result before they start a home design project. Meanwhile, it can minimize the wrong design and product selection decisions, expensive changes and overall dissatisfaction with the process and end result.
The most important is the Autodesk Homestyler service is free and accessible from most standard Web browsers with no download or installation necessary.

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