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Cheer Home with Decorative Mirror

Cermin permanis rumah (Foto: Corbis)

MIRRORS not only for conducting herself, but has a lot of aesthetic functionality to enhance your home interior. In fact, although merely an illusion, a mirror can give the impression in a small space.
The presence of mirrors in a house considered to be essential. In fact, ideally around the room in the house there should be a mirror as one element of the interior. Mirror function not only as a tool to look in the mirror, dressed up or dressed themselves. In the interior of the house, the reflected object is generally used as a decorative element. In addition, a mirror that has the ability to reflect this can also make the room seem more spacious.
That is why, one of the walls in small spaces, generally in the apartment, often coated mirrors. The ultimate goal is to make the room feel more spacious. Space as an area twice the original. Visibility was initially hit on the wall, becomes wider because of the reflection mirror to form a more spacious room dimensions. Mirror as an accessory can be placed at various places in various parts of the room in the house, began the foyer, living room, family room, to bedroom.
Bear-sized mirror can be fitted easily. According to interior designer based in New York, Andreea Avram Rusu, there are no specific rules how to choose the right mirror for home decor.
"Mirrors can make a room look brighter and deeper. These decorative objects such as windows that you can move it to the desired place, "he said as quoted by page Home and Garden Television.
In line with Rusu, another interior designer, Celia Berliner, said, the mirror has several other benefits to the beauty of a room.

"He can reflect and reinforce the vision and the color of art or an adjacent wall so as to create special effects," he added.
A mirror is firm and beautiful can be a focal point of a room. According to interior designer Andreas Charalambous of FORMA design, extra-sized mirror in the room usually used to reflect light from the balcony below. Other functions as the neatness of your final checks just before traveling outside the home.
"The mirror itself is a work of art even though the settings are minimal," he said.
"In fact, a large wall mirror can bring simplicity to the decor of a room if placed correctly," said Charalambous.
Put a mirror in every room to expand the visual impression. "The location and placement of the mirror is key when utilizing this object. You certainly want to make sure that the mirror will not make unwanted shadows and maximize the quality of the original, "says Berliner. For example a mirror placed in the wall of the spacious dining room can brighten and make the "shiny" room, as well as the added dimension of space.
Large mirror on the floor, according to Berliner, can have dramatic effects in a small space.
"Using a large framed mirror placed on the floor and leaned against the wall can be a tremendous asset in various ways in the bedroom, living room, and even at the end of the hall," he said.
According to interior designer Jennifer Duneier, we never have enough mirrors in the house. Try something new, such as hanging a mirror on the same wall.
"If you put a mirror along the wall, you set it in a way that pamper the eye, similar to the artwork," says interior designer Amy Bubier.
"The magnitude of the mirror should be proportional to each other and with the walls of the room. Avoid using small-sized mirror on the wall area, "he said. The laying of the mirror can also add a decorative touch to a room. Suitable for all theme bedroom design, both modern and vintage.
"Like a mirror so that the current style of art arrangement must comply with other elements in your home," said Bubier. "This is an integral part of the design style itself," he continued.
Berliner believes that a well-placed mirror can be seen aesthetics, especially coupled with a beautiful frame. For example two small mirrors are placed just above the mattress so that radiates beauty. The mirror can be placed anywhere, in any room in the house. However, a favorite for interior designers is fitted at the front entrance of the house.
"At the entrance, the room is minimal natural light and dining room can be a good place for the laying of a mirror will create opportunities for additional creative lighting decorations, candles, atmosphere, art, and reflectivity," said Bubier.
The Duneier include people who agree to put a mirror near the entrance so that everyone can be dressed themselves before leaving home. You can also put a big mirror on the wall next to the dining room a modern nuances. It aims to reflect natural light and shadow display adjacent garden view. For those of you who live in small apartments, the addition of visually spacious room can also be obtained with the use of mirrors.
An energetic vibration will be on nuanced ultramodern room after the addition of a large standing mirror with a decorative curtain to give the illusion of space is small, square room. Berliner said, mirrors the floor leading to the ceiling can be a useful accent to a bedroom wall, especially when you're dressed.
The dining room is also an ideal place to put a mirror, especially if there is no empty space left in the house. However, the interior designer David Scott prefers to put a mirror in the room that lacked natural light so that it can create greater impact.
"I like to put a mirror in the dining room and light a candle that will reflect and create a beautiful light. It was very warm and romantic, "he said.
Scott uses extra-wall mirror to add a visual dimension to a room and create an atmosphere of elegance but still feel relaxed. Mirror can be mounted in different variations. For example a large mirror mounted intact without a connection. This will make the effect more pronounced visually expand the space.

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